This is the third installment into the financial benefit your English learning journey could have. We have already covered the numerous employment possibilities that await you thanks to your new skill and how your newly acquired language can help you advance in the career you had already chosen.

In this article we will be looking into how you can transform your English learning process and your new found passion for writing into a financial proposition by thinking outside the box and engaging in a single but big project. This approach might pose a lot more work and a lot more precision in your writing but the rewards are also potentially larger.

Forget Classic Employment Or Money Making Methods And Think Big

While classic methods of making some extra money involve writing as a freelancer, starting an English based blog or actually going for a career in English related fields such as tourism or entertainment this approach doesn’t require you to put in for a job or have a conventional 9 to 5 work schedule.

One of the best ways to mix big projects with writing in the English language is to try and create a script. It can be anything from a movie to a TV show to a play. Regardless of what your big writing project might be there is one absolutely necessary condition for it to work and that is passion. Whenever you are going for a big project like this you must be passionate about every aspect from the writing to the creative part to the TV/movie/theatre field itself. It is the only way you can get the motivation you need to stay focused and put in the necessary work without a boss, co-workers or a stable schedule setting your monthly work ration.

Another important part is to actually be able to produce good quality writing. This means that you will have to be an advanced or quick-learning intermediate student that is also willing and able to learn a lot about writing in an effective manner.

You will have to learn as you work and find a reliable and extremely professional proofreader that will look over and eventually correct some of your work. It can be your English teacher if you are learning the language by the classic teacher-classroom method or you can hire a native speaker or a freelance writer/editor to look over your work without breaking your budget.

Don’t Make It All About The Money

Your new project doesn’t have to be oriented at making a profit from the get-go as your creative process might be altered by the pressure of making money. Instead you should think about doing the best possible job you could do and create something that is both impeccably written and that tells a story you are proud to put your name on.

This is also the perfect type of project to take on as a team, so don’t be afraid to bring in your friends, fellow English students or even strangers that share the same passion.

Regardless of whom you do it with and what the end result is you will find that the process was a good learning experience that bettered your English knowledge and taught you a thing or two about writing for a living.

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