Many people learn English as a hobby or a passion, others do it as a challenge, some even do it to further their careers or move to a different country. Whatever the reason behind your choice of learning the English language, once mastered you will be faced with the opportunity to move or just visit in detail one of the numerous native English speaking countries on the globe.

One of the most prosperous and interesting such countries is New Zealand. With a rich and diverse history, a thriving economy and one of the highest living standards of any country in the world, New Zealand is growing in popularity both as a tourist destination as well as a country emigrate to.

So Would You Live In New Zealand?

New Zealand is a relatively small country with a population of just 4.5 million people. The capital and second largest city is Wellington with a population of roughly 400,000 people. The country’s largest city is Auckland with nearly 1.4 million people. It is also the cultural and economic heart of New Zealand, while also being considered one of the cheapest major cities in the world.

New Zealand’s most important attribute is its stunning natural landscape, one that mixes exotic beaches with imposing mountains, forest and marshland. It is considered one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to its terrain offering a huge mix of rocky and fertile terrain for such a small country. If you feel like you recognize some sights it is probably because New Zealand is the location where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, one of the biggest movie franchises in history grossing well over a billion dollars worldwide.

The ethnic mix of Europeans, Pacific Islanders, Asians and other ethnicities creates a diverse and dynamic society with a rich culture that involves both classic as well as modern art and entertainment forms.

The job market in the country is still strong despite the recession that has crumbled economies worldwide. In case you were travelling to New Zealand in search for a new job you should be prepared for a distinctive accent, one that might make things a bit difficult for students that have never encountered it before or that have not prepared for it.

Education Is Also A Major Element To Consider

Some of the best collages in the world are located in New Zealand so if you want to move here on a student visa or if you want to undergo a master’s program then you certainly made the right choice; just make sure your English level is up to par with the requirements.

If the healthy economy, stunning countryside, world renowned education, culture and arts aren’t enough to convince you to come to New Zealand then perhaps the rich and unique fauna and flora will, with the country boasting some of the world’s rarest species of wildlife and plants.

If you fear you won’t be able the travel as much as you would want then have no fear as the east coast of Australia is a short plane trip away offering  some of the largest cities in the southern hemisphere.

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