Learning English has many benefits that can range from very practical ones like getting a better job, increasing your income at your current job or having the ability to move to another country. It can also open a world of new information, new entertainment possibilities and new places to study and better yourself.

By speaking English you open yourself up to a world audience and can interact, make friends or find people with similar interests as your own all over the world. The road to learning English is pretty long and is not without its fair share of difficulties, particularly if you are starting from scratch.

But taking into account the effort you are willing to put in, wouldn’t you also consider visiting the place that spawned the language? Now it is true that the English language was formed over centuries of migration and evolution but the most representative place for English speakers is without doubt the capital of the country that gave us this amazing language.

So, would you live in London?

London has a population of 8.5 million people making it the biggest city in Europe and one of the biggest and most important and diverse financial, cultural and political hubs on the planet. It is home to more than just English nationals as it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors and workers each year from all around the globe. It offers a wealth of opportunities for people of all ages, from amazing jobs in some of the biggest companies in the world to educational and social opportunities.

London was settled by the Romans in the year 43 AD and was then named Londinium. Since that time it has stood witness to some amazing transformations, leading to its current form.

But what could an English student do in London? Well, whether you want to move there or just visit there are numerous ways to fill in the time. London is the home of an immense amount of museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites or famous landmarks. There is something for everyone in London so regardless of your passion for old cars, long walks through amazing parks or knowledge you will have a handful of it in London.

As a student that is just visiting London you will also find a lot of ways to improve your English. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture than by immersing yourself in the daily life of Londoners. You will get to practice what you already know, hear native speakers interact and read everything from newspapers to street signs, flyers or the local newspapers.

Don’t Ignore The Possibilities

Don’t ignore the huge amount of career and educational possibilities that London offers while you visit. You could very easily find a job in one of the world’s strongest and best paid job markets or attend some of the most prestigious forms of higher education on the planet. You will also meet a knowledgeable and experienced public if you are an artist and wish to expose your art to a diverse and cultured market.

There are many roads your decision to learn English can lead you on, don’t rule out London as one of the destinations.

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