Learning the English language is as easy as it ever was, with numerous resources, both free and quite expensive, that offer students an effective, entertaining and efficient method of learning this useful second language.

The numerous methods of learning English have made it easier for students to effectively and quickly learn the language without having to waste time trying to adapt to an already established curriculum. This means that students who have an easier time learning with the help of audio or video inputs can now choose the course or learning material that best suits their needs without having to consider their process as a fringe, experimental approach that won’t bare any results.

Diversity Is Always A Good Thing When It Comes To Learning English

Trying out as many learning methods as possible is one of the best ways to actually find a process that works best for you. Each learning technique can add something or may come with a good idea. The more you try out the more you can pick through what works and form a unique method of learning which mixes, audio, video and written material, all presented in a pleasant and modern package which helps you learn without being bored.

It is important to mention that you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting throughout your learning process. Always trying new things in terms of learning English will keep the entire process fun and exciting and will provide a good way to get over the more boring parts of learning the language. For example, you can try colored cards, videos or audio files to help you memorize verbs, or improve other grammar aspects if you get bored with the traditional approach or reading and repeating until memorized.

Duolingo-type Websites Aren’t Enough

Duolingo is a fun website which covers a lot of interesting aspects of the English learning process. The entire site proposes a satisfying and fun way of improving vocabulary, grammar, syntax pronunciation and just about everything else you would need when it comes to learning a new language. This means that students can access the website or the app and have a quick lesson to help them on their English journey.

While the website is definitely a useful tool that can be used to improve your language skills, Duolingo and similar websites simply aren’t enough. The lack of repetition, the ease with which a student can be distracted or the reward process which won’t allow students to advance until they have completed a lesson can work against them.

Retention can also be low, particularly as most students simply breeze through the questions, instinctively getting them right without learning why some answers are correct or what makes them work as opposed to the wrong version.

This can often lead to superficial progress that won’t stand the test of time. Mixing websites like Duolingo with a more traditional approach to learning the English language can, however, provide students with enough structure and entertainment to facilitate an efficient learning process that is both fun and rewarding.

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