The way people learn the English language has changed a lot in the last decade and what was once a processed based entirely on a simple book can now be done with numerous methods which cater to just about any learning preference.

There are many tools that can help you on your English learning journey. They can either be better textbooks, which have adapted their methods to modern students and incorporated new teaching techniques over time or they can be audio and video materials.

Regardless of what learning system works best for you or what material you choose to study after there are a few things you should know before spending any money.

Expensive Products Aren’t A Guaranteed Plus

Everyone has seen those extra expensive textbooks, or extremely thick encyclopedias. They are beautifully edited and contain a lot of useful information on how to learn the English language; the only problem is that they don’t add anything new. The material is the same as a free book you would get at your local library, the only real difference being the updated graphics and pleasant coloring.

The Internet Is An Amazing Resource Because Its Free

Most internet applications, programs or websites that offer English learning services for a cost generally have a free equivalent. Of course, having a tutor, or someone on the other side of a Skype call to tell you what you’re doing wrong is a great way to progress, however, if you’re paying for an automated program to correct your exercises you’d probably be better off saving that money and spending it on a real English class. There are numerous online resources where you can meet native speakers or fluent speakers and learn from them for free.

Before You Sign Up For A Class, Look For All Alternative

The easiest and most popular way to learn a second language is to take a class. It is a foolproof system which can help even a complete beginner master the language; however, some of these classes can cost quite a pretty penny. Before signing up for one of these classes you should do a quick search online and find if there isn’t a cheap or free alternative out there. Some companies, NGO’s or even government institutions organize free or extremely cheap classes that anyone can attend. Check out your local cultural center, library or town hall for more information. You should also look for courses at your employment office in case you are unemployed.

Pick Materials That Help Your Learning Style

If you’re convinced you want to learn by yourself and absolutely no class or tutor will do you have to look at textbooks, audiobooks and other materials that work best with your learning style. If textbooks with a lot of pictures and colors work best for you then don’t spare any expenses and go for them. If you prefer an average textbook and a good audiobook, again, you should go for that. Read a couple of reviews or ask an English teacher for some suggestions and get the materials that help you learn at your own pace and in your own style.

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