While alternative language learning techniques like listening to music, watching movies or television shows are a very popular approach to learning the English language nowadays, there is an entire field of entertainment that can bring about much better results while offering the same entertainment value.

Video games are often overlooked even by the most progressive of English teachers as a way to increase certain aspects of the English language while relaxing and having fun. There are a lot of similarities between the more popular alternative of watching movies and playing video games, however, there is one significant difference that makes video games ideal as a language learning exercise.

Video Games Are Ideal for Learning English Due To Their Interactive Nature

The interactive value of video games is unequaled in any other type of learning format, something a lot of companies have acknowledged as more and more products that combine video games and second language learning are hitting the market. The interactive value, coupled with the audio and visual elements of video games makes them a more versatile instrument, one that can be used by all students, regardless of their preferred learning technique.

While all games offer these benefits to some degree, adventure games, particularly hidden object games or puzzle games are the best alternative for improving a students English knowledge. They  generally emphasize on skills such as logic, sequence solving, word or phrase completion and even pattern detection.

Puzzle and adventure games can either be dedicated to English learning, thus creating the perfect environment to study while being entertained or they can help students improve their English by making them read dialogue, descriptions or recognize and define objects. The interactive nature of the games can help beginner and intermediate students the most as simple in-game commands can actually turn out to be basic phrases any student should learn. For example a student can learn how to find a bus station, what the time is or how to purchase an object by following the game’s action.

Some games can even create small puzzles, word games or riddles that can also help a student get a better idea for the language. Adding a time element to a challenge can work for more advanced students as they will have to figure out new words, commands or actions in a faster manner.

Video Games Can Help Improving English Skills More Than People Expect

Video games can help English language students in more ways than one as several studies have shown benefits that range from helping dyslexic children improve their reading and speaking ability to improving mental acuity, brain activity eyesight and even slowing down the aging process.

Some games have even produced amazing results in stroke victim recovery rates or in the case of massive multiplayer games, have helped people socialize and create significant relationships.

So whether it be a child that is improving his English and developing better reading skills due to the fast nature of adventure and hidden object games, an adult who is increasing grey matter and mental flexibility due to strategy games or an elderly person who is preventing natural mental decay by stimulating brain activity video games are an amazing, sometimes ignored way of keeping your mind strong and focused.

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