English may be common for some because so many people speak it but it’s a totally unique language as it contains some words that are very hard or even impossible to translate in other languages. Some of these words have various meanings and hidden allusions that make them not just hard to use in a sentence but also useless since most people don’t know them.

Who says learning English can’t be fun?

But this is a fun way to extend your vocabulary and possibly impress your English teachers next time you see them. Grab a pen and check out our list of unique words with weird meanings that have been created by the English language.

Tmesis – besides being rarely used and untranslatable in most languages, this particular word is also pretty hard to pronounce. It means the insertion of one word or a group of words between the words that create a phrase. So, you will probably never use it , however, it definitely makes a good word to know whenever you are playing scrabble.

Bibble – this word sounds pretty cute, like the name of your pet but don’t be fooled by this. Bibble means to make a noise while you eat or drink. Fortunately, you will definitely have the opportunity to use this particular word sometime in your lifetime. Don’t forget it’s a verb.

Erinaceous – this is going to make talking with your girlfriends a bit more fun. Erinaceous is an adjective that means to resemble a hedgehog”– and yes they have a word for that in the English language. So next time you describe your date, you might find this useful.

Nudistertian – this word may have a translation in other languages, at least one that is easier to pronounce, but it definitely is a weird word so it needs to be on the list. Although it sounds important, nudistertian actually means the “day before yesterday”. Next time you want to be a snob about something you can say that it’s very nudistertian.

Hornswoggle – although it may sound like the name of a small character from a book, hornswoggle actually means to be hoaxed or cheated by someone. Of course, being an archaic name gives it that charm of sounding like something nice and sweet but it’s a verb that describes the most atrocious of misleads.

Sockdolager – this word means exactly the way it sounds: something grand. It is an adjective that can be used to describe a person or an event that are very important or big. It can also mean a decisive blow or a decisive remark and the good thing about it is that you can still use it. It is unknown where the word comes from but it seems to have roots in a lot of languages.

The English language is always surprising

So you see, the English language is one of the richest languages in the world, with all kinds of crazy words and really interesting meanings. It would be a pity not to be able to speak it well and untangle the hidden meanings behind some of its most unique words.

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