The road from novice to fluent English speaker is definitely not a short one, and even though it might not be as difficult as some would imagine, it definitely will require a lot of determination and will. Regardless of the reasons you started your English learning journey or how well you aim to speak the language, you can certainly be sure that some lessons will be more frustrating than others.

This is normal with most new languages and yet, this is the part that separates people who are successful in their endeavors from quitters. The ability to rise above the daily grind, motivate yourself, to move on and look for new challenges is exactly what will get you through those hard, frustrating times and help you truly reach your goals.

A Quote Can Motivate You

Simple things as quotes, a good song, or an inspirational scene in a movie are enough to help most people find the inner strength they need to truly succeed. When it comes to learning the English language, quotes are an amazing motivational tool that can be used to help yourself or other students pull through an exam, a difficult lesson or simply get over an aspect of the language that seems insurmountable at the time.

Quotes can come from any background, however, if you’re passionate about something in particular, be it art, engineering or history you can try to find motivational quotes from that field. They can be general saying or things famous people in that field have said at one point in time.

Historical quotes are an amazing source of inspiration, particularly for English students as they can provide a valuable vocabulary addition as well as an interesting look into some famous character’s life.

Historical Quotes Offer Three Benefits For English Students

The first benefit is, as we’ve already seen above, the amazing inspirational and motivational value a good quote can offer. The second way in which a historical quote can help you is by adding some interesting words to your growing vocabulary. Whether we’re talking about archaisms or words that are still in use, a good quote is a great way to find synonyms, learn how to express a certain feeling better or just a cool thing to say in your second language.

The third and often ignored value of a good historical quote is that it often comes from a very interesting historical figure. This is a great opportunity to learn some amazing facts about English culture and some of its most interesting figures. By doing a quick online search you can find out who the author of the quote is, as well as the context of the saying.

If you want to incorporate an English exercise into your online journey you simply have to read up on your historical figure of choice in the English language. This would be a great way to improve things like pronunciation, reading, writing, spelling and even punctuation. It will also give you a fun way to relax, and improve your English at the same time.

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