To make sure you are maximizing your efficiency when it comes to your English learning process you should always try to discuss with other English learners or English teachers about the challenges they face.

It is often the best way to find out about new methods of learning, what you should focus on at what stage and how to learn faster. Each person should develop their individual learning technique, based on their strong suits, on their schedule and their overall goal. One person’s learning schedule and methods might not work for someone else, however, everyone has their own little hacks or tricks that can the job easier.

Just Talking About English Challenges Can Help

Even if you talk about the general challenges of learning without getting any new information, just the fact that you can vent your frustrations with people that are going through the same process as you can help you relax and approach the English language with a whole new attitude.

This is particularly important if you are the type of person who can’t handle not getting results very well. By really talking about your challenges with other students you will find that they too are experiencing difficulty when it comes to certain grammar or syntax aspects for example. You can even get a confidence boost if you notice that you are actually doing better than other students that have been at it for a longer time than you have.

It can even be a great place to exercise, as you will be able to speak the language with other people that are at your level without fear of embarrassing yourself or of not getting your point across.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

The important thing is to not isolate yourself and to try and understand that the entire point to learning a language is to actually use it. Even if you are learning on your own, without a class environment or teacher you could talk to, there still are a number of ways to find other English learners and discuss your techniques.

Your best bet would be to find an online forum or a website where English learners meet and talk. You could also take your chance and try to meet some English students on other platforms such as Facebook or Omegle, however this can be harder to do.

If you are learning the language in a class environment then it is much easier to discuss such issues with your classmates. You might learn some better method of memorizing verb forms, a new way of remembering how to pronounce certain words or how to better retain idioms. There really is no downside as you can even get some help from more advanced students with the issues that might be giving you a hard time.

You will also be able to get to know your classmates better, or in case you are learning the English language alone, it will be the perfect opportunity to make new friends that have the same interests and face the same challenges as you do.

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