When it comes to alternative learning methods you can bet that the English learning process is filled with them. Some might be less stressful, even fun while others are just an efficient way of using wasted time.

The success of these alternative methods depends on the determination and motivation of the student. Regardless of how high-tech or intelligent they might be, no alternative learning method can ever replace hard work.

The best part of alternating traditional learning is that you can actually include elements that you would never think belonged in an academic environment. Watching TV, listening to music or writing a blog post were never really thought of as productive activities, however, if done correctly they can help students better memorize words, increase their grammar knowledge or improve their pronunciation and reading skills.

The Social Aspect Of Learning Can Help A Lot Of People

The social aspect of learning the English language is also quite important when it comes to alternative learning techniques. This means that while some students might do perfectly fine when learning on their own, other students will benefit from a learning process that involves a larger group of people. This, of course, doesn’t automatically mean that a classroom environment is the only way to progress for students who do well in a group.

Organizing an English study party is a great alternative method of getting past tough lessons while also being part of a group. There is no exact recipe when it comes to preparing for an English study party. Simply get some tasty treats, some beverages and ask some friends over.

If you don’t have any friends who are learning the English language you can always look for people on the internet. You will be surprised how many helpful websites and independent learners are out there willing to help and talk about their experience.

You can also host this party online, with people from all across the world via Skype or some other chat software. The idea of group learning, particularly English study parties has been applied by ERASMUS students for decades and has been a great way for students who don’t speak much English to pick up the basics of the language while also making new friends.

Don’t Stop At Just One Lesson

Learning in an impromptu group environment doesn’t have to be strictly a way to get past a lesson or prepare for a test. If you organize well enough and find a group of like-minded English students than you can very easily go through the entire English learning process this way.

You can also include other alternative learning techniques in these parties. For example, every now and then you can have movie night and watch an English speaking movie without subtitles or dubbing. This will be a great way to have fun and get immediate answers from the more advanced students in case you don’t understand something.

You can also invite fluent or native speakers every now and then and simply converse. This is a great way to make new friends while also getting to use everything you learned so far.

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