In the long list of English learning secrets there have been many suggestions that managed to completely change the learning process, however, few have been so productive as learning by reading the press.

The simple act of reading a newspaper, be it online or the classic print, can prove to be one of the best exercises you will ever do. It will help you in a number of ways and provide a constant stream of fresh challenges for you to try and solve. It will prove a functional way to practice for every level, from the absolute beginner to intermediate or advanced students with varying challenges and fresh, informative and entertaining news stories.

Beginner Students Have The Most To Gain

A beginner student can practice his reading, speaking and grammar while working with a newspaper. The best thing about using the news as a learning tool is that most people will recognize the story, the people being talked about or will simply have a certain understanding of the subject at hand, like sports or politics. They can also read the news story in their native language and then try to put together the words and sentences in the English news story. This is a great little exercise that can be done in a short time, over your morning coffee or while using public transport. Anther benefit for beginners is that most articles, be them online or in the written press, come with pictures that help students even better understand the subject at hand.

An intermediate student will have a real “workout” when he tries to read the news in English. It’s a great exercise for intermediate students mainly because most newspapers, with the exception of scandal ones that, use an academic language, so they won’t find any weird expressions, overused slang or scandalous headlines. It will be the perfect way for them to increase their vocabulary, but also improve their reading and speaking skills. More importantly they will get a sense of how the English language flows, allowing them to better construct sentences and phrases.

Even advanced students can use reading the press as a worthwhile exercise. The biggest benefit will obviously be the increased vocabulary. Using their advanced skills they can approach more themed articles, like pieces written on science or medicine and learn terms specific to their field of interest. They can also improve their grammar and speech, even learn the small differences between British English and U.S. English if they read news stories written by publications in the two countries.

The Best Part Is You Stay Informed

The best part in regards to using this method is that no matter what level you are at you will always be informed about the latest news happening across the globe. You can also look up cool stories and articles written about what interest you.  This way you will be staying informed about world and local news, increase your English knowledge by practicing your reading, speaking and even grammar skills and learn more about the subjects that really interest you, even the technical language that comes with your preferred fields.

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