Learning the English language is a long process that can sometimes become quite costly, particularly if you choose the traditional route of paying for a course or a private tutor. Of course, learning by yourself with the use of some books and maybe an inexpensive tape is a good alternative, one that can save you a lot of money, but the ideal way to cut down on the cost of learning the English language is to actually start earning money from your newly acquired knowledge.

Aim Big, Learn The English Language And Make Money

There are quite a lot of ways even an intermediate student can make money. You will find that translation gigs are an easy target even for a student who doesn’t yet speak flawless English. This is particularly true if you live in a touristy town or area, where there is always need for some sort of guide or translator. The more you progress, the better paid gigs you can find and you may even get a job as an official translator for a large corporation.

And yet, the biggest job market for English students is writing in its numerous forms. You will have to be at least an intermediate student in order to get any form of writing jobs, however, opening your own blog can turn out to be a lucrative long term option even if you start it as a complete amateur.

The key to becoming a good English writer is to just do it. Don’t wait until you think you’re at the right level, don’t focus on all the mistakes you might make and just learn while doing. Those mistakes you tried so hard to avoid will become in time some of the greatest learning tools you have ever had.

Try To Provide A Service That Includes Your Native Speaking Audience

When it comes to finding a writing gig you should definitely try to incorporate your home country or native language as you already have a lot in insight into the culture and social issues. One of the best ways to practice English, keep in touch with your native audience and maybe make some money on the side is to provide a service for expats or tourists coming to your country.

Whether it is a news service, tourist information or maybe some government related information, your website/blog will provide a service in English that no native English speakers will ever have the opportunity to receive thanks to your insight. You can also choose to write about something that you like, like about the local art scene, or about gastronomy if that is your passion. The possibilities are literally limitless.

Another important thing to take into consideration when writing as a side job is that you should always have patience with your own projects. Try to do some other freelancing jobs on the side and give your new project enough time to grow naturally. This will also give you enough time to grow and learn how to become a better writer and a better English speaker.

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