Regardless of what learning method a student chooses it will eventually prove to be effective if it is pursued with enough motivation, attention and dedication. While a good learning schedule can be set up by an attentive teacher, motivation is a harder attribute to pass forward.

It can really make a huge difference regarding how fast a student learns, how much he manages to advance when it comes to grammar or how well he will speak the language when all is said and done. It can prove to be the most important quality a student can have, far more important that natural ability, talent or passion that is now followed by hard work.

But motivation, although incredibly useful can’t be taught. It has to either come out of the student’s desire to become the best English language speaker he or she can be or it can be implemented through a long and tedious process by some very dedicated teachers.

Motivation Can’t Be Taught

However, there is no better motivator than necessity. This little trick can prove to be crucial for a number of otherwise talented students that can’t seem to get motivated enough to learn. But before we look more at how necessity can be the best motivator here is an all-to-popular example of how lack of motivation can cause naturally gifted students to not reach English proficiency.

Every English class, English speaking community or high-school/collage class has that one student that managed to learn a significant part of the language simply by listening to it. It may have been the cartoons he watched as a child or movies and books he read as an adult this student can speak and sound almost like a native, however, due to lack of motivation, he didn’t actually go through with learning grammar and punctuation so whenever he needs to express himself in writing he looks and sounds like a beginner. This can cost him some possible employment opportunities like a translator position or writer and give him a less complete English learning experience.

This is why putting a student in a situation where he will need to improve an aspect that he would otherwise never have the motivation to learn is a quick and easy way to get a more efficient learning process. Say, for example, a trip to an English speaking country. This way students will have to immerse themselves in the language improving every aspect from grammar to speaking and even their accent.

Immerse Yourself In The Language Any Way You Can

If a trip to an English speaking country is too unrealistic a goal then maybe getting a native English friend. You can do this online, find someone in your city or even share an apartment with a native speaker. This way you get to fully immerse yourself in the language without having to relocate or take time off from work. You will also be making a friend that can help you immensely with your English learning for years to come.

If getting a native speaking friend is also unrealistic then you should at least try to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Try talking only in English, watching English spoken TV and movies and even reading your news in the English language.

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