Learning English is not hard but at some point it might become a handful, especially if you have other things to occupy your time such as a demeaning job or kids. But in the end, perseverance is the key and most people who are successful almost always owe their success to their great ambition. So, it’s very important to make sure that you always keep that drive for learning English in the back of your head and make sure that you always do something to be a little closer to your goals. Even if they aren’t related to learning English the following success stories will surely inspire you to keep at it, even when times seem to be the worst for doing so.

Frida Khalo

Although most of us know her for her amazing success in painting and her controversial relationship with Diego Riviera, Frida Kahlo also suffered from a few disabilities that would have easily inhibited anyone without perseverance: she had a severe accident when she was young which gave with constant pain. She also contracted polio which left her with a misshapen leg. However, in spite of her misfortune and disabilities she is known for her drive and ambition that made her one of the greatest painters of the 20th century.

Sudha Chandran

Another amazing woman that will surely inspire you to persevere with your English learning is Sudha Chandran, a dancer who had one of her legs amputated. This didn’t keep her from being one of the most popular dancers in the world and an amazing star renowned for her passion and perseverance.

George Washington

Even the great George Washington was plagued with a disability and he became the first President of United States of America. He actually had a learning disability; it eventually caused a great deal of problems especially with grammar skills and writing but her persevered and ultimately overcame it. The same was true for Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. He was struggling with a learning disability himself during childhood and had a very difficult learning process.

Stephen Hawking

One of the greatest men of our times, Stephen Hawking is a British theoretical physicist who has given the world so much in terms of research. He has a disability called Motor Neuron disease which means that he has lost the use of his arms, legs and even voice. Since 2009 he has been completely paralyzed, but that didn’t keep him from writing numerous books and articles. Although doctors gave him only 2 years to live when he was 21, he is now 70 and has been a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge for 30 years.

So even if your family, your job or your other distractions keep you from learning English just remember that there were so many people who managed to overcome severe hardship and transform it into a driving force that helped them achieve everything they wanted to. For those of you reading this article, any excuse to not do what you set your mind to should be obsolete.

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