Watching movies is now a pretty solid alternative method to increase your vocabulary while relaxing or having fun. It’s a great experience as you can do it with friends or even go to the cinema with your significant other. If you want to get as much out of the experience as possible you should make sure that you write down the words and expressions you didn’t know the meaning of and review them later with a dictionary.

This is a new category of articles on where we will be looking over some of the best movies that students of all levels should watch to get a great cinematic experience as well as some useful tips and knowledge regarding the English language.

Of course some movies can be quite hard to digest by beginner students while more advanced students might get bored by movies with little to no dialogue. This is why all our movies suggestions will be separated in three categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner Suggestion: Finding Nemo

A cartoon classic that has simple dialogue as it is targeted at a younger audience. This is in fact the key for beginner movies. Whatever genre of movie you choose to watch you should generally try to go for something with little or simple dialogue. You should also try to avoid period pieces where actors use thick accents as understanding dialogue lines is hard enough in plain, modern English.

Intermediate Suggestion: The Captain America Series

If you like superhero movies then you will certainly like both action packed movies in the series. They also have a bit of 1940’s nostalgia for the history buff; however, their main advantage is that you will have a lot of dialogue and more diverse themes without having to deal with words or phrases that are too complicated.

Advanced Suggestion: The Social Network

An interesting movie that looks at the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Besides the interesting story, the movie is also a great way to work out your English skills as it involves a decent amount of technical terms that range from programming to the judiciary system.

In fact advanced speakers really should challenge themselves when they watch movies with the intended purpose of learning extra words. They should include movies where actors do a multitude of accents, period pieces and movies that have their dialogue influenced by a certain technical theme.

Regardless of what movies you choose to watch and what level your English is at you should always remember to keep your smartphone or a notebook nearby, and write down whatever words, expressions or idioms you find interesting or you don’t really know the meaning of. This can make this fun exercise very effective and you can even review your newly learned words over time.

The other great thing about this approach is that you will also get to learn numerous slang terms that are actually relevant in case you watch a fairly recent movie. So make sure you check out the three movies we suggested and try to mix fun with your English learning process as often as you can.

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