There are many hacks and tips that can help students achieve proficiency in the English language at a much speedier pace than normal methods would. This means that thinking outside the box when learning can bare great rewards and enrich the English language learner with more than the ability to speak two languages but also give him more time to focus on his passions, or help him find his passion.

It can help people who otherwise wouldn’t have the time to follow their passion by incorporating it in the English learning process. So regardless of what you like, what your hobbies or passions are, you can use them to help your English progress.

Quotes Can Prove Useful In More Ways Than One

One interesting tip to learning English is to do so through quotes. There are some amazing sayings out there, uttered by some of the most important, well educated, talented or simply famous people in history. Students can use these quotes as an exercise to increase their vocabulary, get some insight into certain idioms and even improve their speech.

To start, simply pick a famous person you admire, a historical figure, a politician, musician, anyone really. Then find some of his best quotes and sayings and try to translate them into your native language. He doesn’t even have to be English as the exercise works both ways; you can choose a local celebrity you admire and translate his great sayings into English. This will help students improve their vocabulary by learning a number of new words and also, depending on the quotes maybe learn some useful idioms and improve their speech.

The best part of this exercise is that students can actually motivate themselves to learn through the quotes they are working on. For example some might choose to translate a series of motivational quotes. They will thus get the vocabulary and speech benefits while also getting pumped up to be more efficient, study harder and achieve more.

This is also a great exercise to do because it will help you learn something more than English. Let’s say for example students might choose to translate some quotes by Albert Einstein. They will learn something about him, and maybe be curious enough to do some extra research, read a biography or even get more into physics because of his inspiring quotes.

Perfect For Small Children

This exercise is not a standalone method to learn English; however, it can prove a useful way to increase your learning efficiency while also having fun and expanding your general knowledge.  It can help you learn certain idioms and phrases that may prove useful when talking to English natives. It is also a fun exercise to do in class or with friends as you can see which famous personality each of you chooses. This way you can have more fun and have a fuller experience. It is a perfect exercise for an intermediate or beginner student and can be the perfect way to help 9 to 12 year old’s to  learn without boring them with standard exercises.

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