For someone who categorizes the English language as foreign, learning it is not difficult.  Just like any other language that is not the tongue or native to you, there are programs offered to make studying the English language as easy and fun as possible.  Various schools are part of a study abroad program and you might be interested to enroll in one of these schools.  Doing so will ensure that you will be speaking the language like a pro after and have more flexibility in blending in with people no matter where you are.

High School Category

A number of organizations allow foreign exchange students to come and experience the local school scene.   The top five of these study abroad programs in English for high schools are:

  • YFU

Youth for Understanding or YFU is a reputable international exchange organization.  YFU is known to be one of the oldest as well as largest in getting foreign students discover the English language in the US High Schools.


ASSIST provides various opportunities to exceptional international students for a one-year scholarship.  This study abroad organization places the students in one of the finest private schools in the US.

  • AFS

AFS is a voluntary, international, non-profit as well as non-government organization that offers an Intercultural Program.  Students eligible for this program will have a host family to accommodate them and will attend as fulltime students to a local high school.

  • CIEE

The high school study abroad program of CIEE is to make students become global citizens.  CIEE has partnered with SEA or Student Exchange Australia, Ltd to make arrangements for the support and the placement of the students while they are in Australia.  Host families who volunteer to house the students are screened carefully.

  • PIE

Pacific Intercultural Exchange or PIE is a non-profit international student exchange organization that has made more than 25,000 exchanges for high school students all over the world.  PIE is working in over forty countries and in the US foreign students are brought there for academic home stays.  This organization also sends students from the US to other countries as well.

University Category

It is not just the high school students who are allowed to experience the study abroad program.  Those who pursue higher education have opportunities to be global citizens by attending schools in a different country.  Here are the top two organizations that are able to facilitate in allowing student exchange in the university category:

  • Erasmus

Erasmus allows the European students for a semester or one year of student exchange to any Irish or British University that they prefer.  The student’s home university will process the requirements including application and administration.

  • EF International

The EF International is able to bring foreign students to American, British or Australian universities.  Included in the program is an English course as well as an on-site support where EF is located.  Student applicants must be able to complete the requirements of the foreign department of the country they choose to study.  Upon completion of the requirements, students have the option to stay with a host family or live with other international students.

Now you can learn English the proper way with the help of some of these study abroad programs. Try to learn more about these programs to find the perfect learning option for you.

There are other options like English languages schools in New York, which offers short term as well as long term English study program. Many of these programs can help you obtain a student visa so that you can learn English in New York and experience American life in the most exciting city at the same time.

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