If you are already living in an English speaking city or in a city with a strong English expat presence then you should definitely use this amazing resource in your studies. Immersion has been proven to be a worthwhile technique, however, few English students have access to an English speaking social environment or the funds to travel and live in one. This is why, if you reside in an English speaking city, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to try immersing yourself in the social environment.

How are you going to incorporate expats or native speakers from your city in your English learning process?

Simple. You will need to get a social life. Going out and using what you already learned can be just as important as staying in and learning some more. Practice makes perfect after all. To break the ice you should first try to look for some online groups and make friends there. Once you’re a close enough acquaintance to some people from your English speaking community you should go to a meet or simply ask people if they want to hang out.

Look For English Speakers Who Share Your Passion

Making new friends can be pretty hard for some people so in order to actually meet up with native English speakers from your city without having an anxiety attack you will want to look for people who share an interest, passion or hobby of yours.

Regardless of what that is; it can range from being an avid reader or movie goer to stamp collector or amateur photographer. Depending on the size of your city and its cultural background you should find a lot of people who share your hobby. This will be an easier way to approach things as you will have a common subject to discuss which you know a lot about.

Don’t Limit Yourself To Going Out, There Are Other Ways To Get A Social Life

Going out or meeting people who share your hobby isn’t the only way to get a more active social life and to enjoy the benefits of immersion. Doing day to day activities can also be a good choice. Things like going to the gym or going to a marketplace where you actually have to communicate, maybe even negotiate with the sellers are an equally good method of immersing into the culture of your city.

If you have the time you might also consider getting a part-time job where you are required to talk to people. Of course, this is an option only for students who speak good enough English, however, if you want to improve your accent or your pronunciation there are few better ways of doing it; some extra money on the side isn’t a bad perk either.

Even attending certain events by yourself can be a productive way of immersion. Activities like going to the opera, the theatre or even the movies can be a fun way to hear people talk in nothing but English.

Regardless of what you choose, the idea is that you shouldn’t waste such an amazing opportunity to improve your English and your social life in the process.

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