As most of the world’s economies are dealing with one of the harshest recession in recent history or with its side effects, getting a good job can become even tougher and more competitive than it already was.

So improving your CV can make the difference between a well-paid and fulfilling job or one that isn’t quite up to par. One of the best ways to improve the chances of you getting a job or making your entire CV look more professional is to learn the English language.

Work in Your Field of Choice by Learning English

It is the perfect way to increase your professional value while putting the free time you have in-between jobs to good use. The English language is without doubt the most used in international circulation and can improve your chances of getting a job in just about any field.

Based on your field and expertise there a huge number of courses you can take to learn and improve your English level. The IT field for example is always on the rise and can offer some of the most well-paid jobs on the market. However there is a slim chance to get a job in that field without a good grasp on the English language, particularly on IT terminology.

Learning English can also open a great deal of new job opportunities from writing, copywriting and editing to translation work and teaching and even a governmental position. It doesn’t just work if you’re trying to get a new job. It can increase the chances of getting a promotion or getting transferred to a better paid position in your current workplace.

Recent polls show that executives and people in highly paid positions speak at least two languages, the same study shows that military personnel who know more than one language can earn considerably more during their career.

Learning English can also increase the chances of getting hired abroad. Good knowledge of the English language can help you ditch the tiring and poorly paid job you have at home and can help you get a better paid job in just about any country, particularly English speaking countries with some of the biggest economies in the world like England, Australia or the United States.

Increase Your Professional Value by Learning the English Language

Even more than the knowledge of English, learning the language can show potential employers that you are willing and able to continuously update your CV and improve yourself and your communication skills, a quality that is desirable in any type of job.

Also the people who study English often become more fluent and improve their communication skills in their native language as they are using the same brain pathways and are revisiting grammar and language structure.

Language courses that are specifically designed for certain fields like Business, Medicine or Law are also growing in popularity and can offer the exact training one might need to give him or her that extra boost and secure their desired position.
Another aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to improving your job opportunities by learning English is the flexible thinking that comes with it. By rewiring some of your thinking patterns it shows an inclination for improvisation, fast thinking and the ability to function under pressure, qualities that aren’t literally written in your job application but that are implied through the knowledge of a second language.

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