Learning the English language isn’t just sprint, a dash towards the finish line. A good plan, careful introspection and a lot of repeating and re-studying plays just as important a part as the speed at which you learn. It is important to have a good plan and advance in an organized manner so that you can retain as much information as possible.

In fact, not keeping track of the way you learn, or of your strong and weak points can cause you to not advance as fast as you potentially could have.

Learning The English Language In An Even Manner Is The Best Way To Advance Quickly

Regardless of how talented or motivated you might be, each student has strong and weak points. Spending more time on the areas you don’t do that great in and catching up to the rest of the curriculum will have a positive effect as you advance on your English learning journey.

As most aspects of the English language are interconnected, advancing evenly will allow you to better understand each lesson and not look over things. Take your vocabulary for example. Most beginner and intermediate students work on increasing their vocabulary with great success once they decide to learn a language. While this is a positive thing, they should also keep in mind other aspects, such as grammar, syntax or spelling and allot as much time as is needed for them. If they would just insist on learning as many words, expressions and idioms as they could and ignoring the grammar aspect of English they would, in the end, have no real understanding or ability to speak English properly.

Going back and relearning material is also an exhausting process. So it can be quite hard to rebalance your knowledge once you already ignored certain aspects for too long of a time.

How To Get Over Problem Issues

Some students try to advance in an equal manner, however, for some reason they have a hard time actually understanding or retaining what they have learned. This is a normal part of learning the language and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are less motivated or talented than other speakers.

One of the best ways to get over plateaus is to change your approach. Let’s say, for example, that you are having a hard time memorizing grammar rules. You should try to change things up and simply do grammar exercises until you deduce the rule and think of it instantly in the future. Another way to approach grammar learning is by simply changing the way you learn. While some people might do better with writing others might prefer audiobooks, or might do better in a classroom environment.

If for example, retaining words is a problem for you in a conventional manner, you should think of some fun alternatives. Listening to music or watching movies is a great way to increase your vocabulary while also having fun or relaxing. You don’t even have to allot time for this as you can do it while you cook, in the bus, or while you eat.

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