Articles that address learning English, the process, the techniques, articles that cite studies and give you brain hacks that will allow you to learn faster often forget to mention one very simple yet very important aspect on learning the English language. Have fun! The entire journey, the dull moments when you have to memorize verbs, the repetitive process of learning to write or the challenges you face when you try to read a text for the first time.

It is important to not let yourself get jaded by the process and remember to have fun, to enjoy every step as that is also the best way to actually make progress. Try to associate every challenge that you ever faced while learning with the satisfaction you had when you finally mastered the language. Remember how odd you sounded when you first read out loud and how you can now pass as a native speaker. Think of all the people that you got to meet thanks to your effort and determination in learning a new language.

If It’s Not Fun, Make It Fun

Try to remind yourself that even when you have small setbacks or you aren’t progressing as fast as you would like to that the entire process should be fun. When things get to serious try to make a game out of what you are learning. This will help you learn faster and have fun while you do it.

Try to learn with people you care about. It can be with friends, family or your significant other. This way you will always associate even the toughest moments with someone you love or care for.

Whenever you feel that you have hit a rough spot take a break and actually use the language. Find someone to talk to on the internet or look up some tourists or exchange students and just talk. You will find how exhilarating and empowering it is to be able to communicate with people that live thousands of miles away, with people that hail from completely different cultures or people that are of a different age. It will serve as both motivation as well as a reminder of why you are going through the whole learning process to begin with.

Remind Yourself Of The Benefits

Think of the amazing job opportunities you will have or that you already took advantage of thanks to your knowledge of the English language. Imagine how many other possibilities it might open up for you in the future, especially considering the globalization trend.

Take a break and think about all the knowledge you now have access to. Whether it is entertainment, books, movies newspapers or studies, the immense and diverse amount of world culture you now have access to will surely motivate you to continue or give you the satisfaction you may be lacking. Think of all the hobbies you can now truly follow or of all the people you can meet.

If travelling is something you will like to do now or in the future, knowledge of the English language is the best tool you could take along on your journeys. It will help you communicate with just about anyone on the globe and help you make lifelong friends in the most unlikely of places.

So regardless of your knowledge level just take a break and think of how much fun English is and how much it can and will improve your life.

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