The English learning process will have a lot of ups and downs and regardless of how dedicated a student you are, you will have to face a lot of problems. Regardless of what aspects you excel in or what parts of the learning process you struggle with one thing is a constant; you will make mistakes, a lot of them, and as we have explained in other articles you will find that mistakes aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Yes no one gets rewards, they don’t mean you will get a good grade in class nor are they a sign that you are doing well, however, they can be used to a student’s advantage just as long as you don’t let them make you feel too down.

Mistakes Are A Part Of Any Learning Process

They don’t just appear when learning English or any other second language for that matter. Mistakes are part of any learning process, from sports to engineering and anything in between. They can be annoying but if you learn the correct lessons from your mistakes you can use them to your advantage. Just make sure you try to quantify what part of the learning process causes you to make the most mistakes. It may be spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other aspect. Once you have identified where you make the most mistakes make sure you do everything you can to understand what exactly about this part of the English learning process is so difficult. You may find that you aren’t practicing enough, that you may need to alter your learning technique or that you simply have to dedicate a larger portion of your time to solving this issue.

In the end, mistakes will motivate you to do better; they will help you understand what exactly you need to focus on and what learning techniques give the best results. This being said you should definitely try your hardest not to make them but revel in the silly, sometimes amusing nature of mistakes.

Make Sure You Don’t Take Things Too Seriously And See The Humor In Making Mistakes

Another key element when dealing with mistakes is to not let them get to you. Yes they are a problem that needs fixing, but that will come in time and with enough practice. You should try to take them in stride and actually enjoy the ones that are so outrageous that they become funny.

In fact there are numerous online resources where you can see the most popular humorous mistakes that you will meet during your English learning journey. You will also find stories from certain English students or even native speakers that have experienced some uncomfortable social encounters due to a speech or spelling mistake.

Looking up these sites won’t be just entertaining but may also help you with your issues. You may find problems that you weren’t aware you had or you may even learn why some phrases or words are incorrect if these websites offer some extra explanation to their list of humorous mistakes.

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