When it comes to learning the English language in record time one skill is valuable above all else and that is the ability to retain rather boring information. Grammar can be many things but a riveting subject that is passionately debated it is not, and when it comes to students that have to learn grammar it certainly can become quite a tedious task. The same goes for retaining new words in your second language. A lot of repetitive work has to be put in, regardless of how talented a student you are or how many alternative and highly effective learning methods you employ.

Alternative Methods Are Great Just Make Sure Not To Ignore The Classics

Alternative learning methods for the English language are a fantastic innovation that in recent years has completely changed the way people learn second languages. They are highly effective saving a lot of the student’s time, energy and of course, transforming your study time into a fun, pleasant activity. They can be employed in all aspects of the English learning process and work just as well regardless if you choose to study alone or with friends and fellow students.

One key aspect to remember though when learning the English language is to not rely entirely on these techniques. As we have mentioned time and time again on this website, every student is unique, and the learning processes can vary drastically. Choosing to go with a single learning method can lead to disaster, regardless if the method is an old fashioned one or a new and innovative one.

Mixing things up and experimenting while you learn is the best way of finding out what works best for you and it doesn’t always have to be one or the other. Students can compartmentalize their learning needs, employing different strategies for different chapter.

In this article we will be talking about the merits of a boring, old fashioned yet time proven technique of retaining information. That of repeatedly handwriting the information you want to retain.

Handwriting Information You Want To Remember May Work For You

While it is in no way a fun or creative method of learning the English language, it can be a highly effective last resort, particularly when it comes to certain grammatical aspects or to a student’s vocabulary.

In fact numerous studies have shown that taking handwritten notes in class or handwriting your study material is a highly effective way of remembering information. Repeatedly writing down by hand certain words or rules you can’t remember in any other way, regardless of how hard you try is thus a viable method of advancing your English studies.

The key is to not go overboard when using this technique. While it may be highly effective in terms of results it does require a lot of time and effort. It should be coupled with alternative learning methods to keep your studies fresh and fun.

If you are learning English in a classroom environment you can try it out and take as many notes as you can by hand without relying solely on the teacher provided material.

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