You just arrived in the English speaking country that you wanted to visit so much. But what now? How can you get the most benefit out of your journey? Well, first you need to make sure that you know what to avoid whenever you are travelling to an English speaking country.

Definitive Don’ts

1-      Avoid finding people who speak the same native language as you. This will lead you nowhere as you won’t be able to improve your English or immerse in the new culture. Actually this happens to people who natively speak English and travel to foreign countries and it really makes the process of learning the new language a lot harder. There’s also the charm of knowing the English culture the best way possible, by living among people who speak this language.

2-      Avoid using media in your own language. If you want to have fun, why not have fun by learning English? You will certainly find theaters, cinemas and other establishments where you can enjoy something in English. Also, that’s a good place to make friends and have a great time.

3-      If you packed books to read while on the road, make sure the books are in English. If not, avoid using them, they will make learning hard for you at the beginning. Instead, go to the local library and buy the classics in English language. Also, buy books that you already read. This way you know what’s happening in the book and you are somehow familiar with the plot so it’s easier for you to learn a few more words.

Definitive Do’s

But when travelling to an English speaking country there aren’t just things that you need to avoid, here are some of the things you are advised to do in order to improve your English:

1-      Make friends among locals. There’s nothing better than having fun with locals. Even if you don’t speak English very well, you will certainly understand them and they will be a great tool in your English learning demeanor. Visit their families and enjoy a great meal with them, you certainly won’t regret it.

2-      Read the local newspapers, read every brochure you get your hands on and try to use the internet while searching for something locally in English. Fortunately, for those trying to learn English there is a lot of information on the internet on all subjects possible

3-      Enroll in a course. Do you love doing handmade felt pins? Do you love knitting? Explore your passion by enrolling in a course in English. This way you meet the locals and you are somehow obligated to interact in the English language.

4-      Go shopping. This is an amazing experience and everybody will be nice to you and listen to you even if your English is not that good. This way, you will end up with some cool new stuff and learn a few more things that will help you perfect your English.

So next time you are in an English speaking country, don’t waste time thinking your English is not good enough. Go outside, meet people and speak the language!

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