When you learn English or any other language for that matter, you will surely find yourself struggling with the process, or at least a part of it. This is why we have compiled this useful list of do’s and don’ts so that you can make sure that you are always on the right track when learning English.


Spending too much time on grammar – While learning a new language many of us might have the misconception that learning grammar will help us more than learning to actually speak the language, which includes having a big vocabulary. But it doesn’t because when it comes down to it, the number of words you know and how well you can communicate is more important than technical knowledge. Grammar rules can be easily learned while you speak the language.

Making your study sessions long – Studying for too long will not only bore you but also demotivate you and make the whole process last longer. Instead of tiring yourself out with long English learning hours, you should try and make sure that you short and effective study sessions. Around 15 to 30 minutes a day, every day is better than 3.5 hours spent learning in only one day each week.

Avoid learning without context – Anytime you learn a new word try using it in a sentence and put it in a context. It doesn’t even have to be logical it has to make sense for you. For example, one could learn the word “bagels” by associating it with the subway because every time they go to work using the subway they stop to get some delicious bagels. So when you will try to remember that word you will think: delicious, ah, the subway, yes, bagels!


Try to spend money on literature that actually interests you – Let’s say that you are interested in crafting activities such as knitting or sewing. Get the books that interest you and start reading. Whenever you don’t know a word, look it up and so on. This way you will have a reason to keep learning the language.

Have fun while learning – Just like in the tip above which says you should learn what you like, you should definitely try to incorporate your passions and have fun while learning: make sure you are entertained otherwise it will seem boring and people tend to avoid boring things. This means getting a partner with whom to talk or watching a cool show in English without subtitles or even doing Karaoke in English. Anything that would make you feel better about the whole learning process is beneficial.

Engage, speak and write – Make sure that you express yourself in English any way you can, even if it just means replying to strangers on Twitter. That’s the beauty of the whole English learning process because you can make sure that you learn to write well just by engaging in activities that have to do with learning the language: get a pen pal, start a new hobby, find a group or forum where you can talk, fall in love with a native English speaker, etc.

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