Language proficiency is one of the major things that employers look for when looking for prospective employees for various types of companies. When it comes to language, English is usually required basically because it is the international language used by millions of people around the world either as their main or native tongue or their second language.

Businesses, consumers, and sellers around the world communicate through the English language so it can be expected that this language is very crucial when it comes to employment opportunities.

Learning the English language is very important not only when planning to look for a job in the US but also when planning to go abroad and find employment in other countries. Here are some of the major benefits of learning English for career enhancement and employment opportunities.

Communication And Interaction Skills

Whatever country you are in, communication and interaction are very crucial not only to get a job but for basic survival. Getting directions, asking for help or assistance, buying basic needs, all these things would require you to talk to other people, read labels, and other tasks, which are usually in English language especially if you are in the US.

If you look for a job, you will definitely undergo an interview process. If you cannot properly speak English, that would be a big disadvantage. A lot of companies today prefer applicants with good communication skills especially in English or as the second language of people who are non-English speakers.

If you are planning to work in the United States, it is definitely important that you know how to understand, speak, and write English. It would be quite impossible to imagine an American company with almost all employees speaking English fluently  to hire someone that does not totally know how to speak English. It will not only make life difficult for the employee but will also affect the company’s productivity when someone cannot interact and communicate properly with co-workers.

Large and international businesses and companies in the US set English language proficiency as prerequisite for hiring. If you are planning to enter a small company, knowing a little bit of English may work and somehow get you a decent job around but if you are planning to enter large companies, then you should have good English communication skills orally and in written.

Learning And Adaptation Skills

If you read labels, announcements in various institutions, books, movies, titles, most of these things are in English. Even in other countries that are non-English speakers, publishing, announcements, international businesses, labels, and other essential things are usually available or offered in English.

According to statistics, more than 50% of the total mails in the whole world are written in English, 80% of data and electronically stored information are in English, and 60% of communications done online or through the internet are done using English language.

It is acceptable to consider that English is a dominant language worldwide and learning it will definitely give you an advantage in terms of understanding the things around you, for survival, and for learning new things while staying in the US or in other countries.

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