Many people start their English learning process for numerous reasons, from better job opportunities, to immigration requirements or a richer understanding of world culture. Others do it because they have a passion for languages, and what better place to start than English. Another key demographic that chooses to learn the English language are people who want to write for a living but also want their work to be viewed and understood by the largest possible crowd.

The English Language Allows Writers Access To A Huge Market

Yes, learning English will give you the opportunity to reach an immense amount of people with your writing. Whether you want to write fiction, a full-fledged novel, do journalistic writing or to simply post your opinions on a blog, you will find that doing that in the English language will bring you more views, more comments and a better interaction with your targeted public.

Naturally, to be able to produce high quality articles you will have to learn English and the better you know the language the better the articles will turn out. You will have to master even the most obscure grammar rules and have a huge vocabulary in order to best express what you intend to write about.

However you can also have a new and quite different approach to both writing and learning English. Try to start writing as soon as you know a couple of words in English. The benefits of this approach are numerous, with the most important being that this writing exercise will help you get used to the job while also helping your learning process progress much faster.

You can’t expect to publish anything of substance but you will be able to hold a personal blog, maybe even an online journal where you can, for example document the entire learning process. It will allow you to get a feel for what it is like to write something every day, to help you get accustomed to posting articles on numerous online platforms and to imposing a writing schedule.

The more you progress the better you will be able to write, and in case you make your blog or articles public you might even learn something from the errors your comments section will undoubtedly produce. Don’t just focus on learning English; make sure you also try to learn writing techniques, differences between styles of writing and numerous other technical elements that have to do with writing.

It Can Also Be A Fun Thing To Look Back On

Your initial writings can even be a fun thing to look back on once you become a fluent English speaker. It will allow you to see how you progressed, what mistakes you struggled to fix and how bad you were at some point in time and how much you’ve improved since.

Whatever you learn English for, you will also be able to take advantage of this time and multitask, allotting some of your precious time to your passion, something few people ever get to do .

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