While English courses are pretty easy to find and the internet is filled with resources to learn from like free websites where native speakers teach you the language or audio courses like Primsleur, there are ways you can incorporate the English learning process in your everyday life and improve your knowledge of the language.

Save Time and Improve Your English Knowledge

One of the easiest things you could do is memorize the English equivalent of the most common 100 or 200 words you would use in daily speech. Basic verbs and nouns and some of the most commonly used objects and places like the market or the office. Try using them as often as you can and try to incorporate them in your speech. This can work great if you do it with a friend or your significant other.

Another easy way to improve your knowledge of the language is to replace a couple of words with their English equivalent and start using them in daily speech. You can add a small number of words every week as you get accustomed with the initial batch, and over time use entire sentences.

Once you know some of the most basic words you can improve your accent and flow by conversing with a native English speaker. While you won’t be able to talk about things in great detail it will be a great opportunity to use what you know and to listen and get a feel for how the language sounds and how its structured. It is also a great way to catch up on slang words and use them in an appropriate context.

Another great way to improve you knowledge of the language is to start consuming your news from English based sites. You won’t have to dedicate a large amount of time to this, you can do it as you normally read a newspaper or visit a news site. Just chose one article or a piece of news that interests you a day and try to read it from an English based source. While you may not understand the whole thing it will give you a list of words to get accustomed to.

Other Activities Can be Both Pleasant and Useful

Another pleasant and easy way to learn more English is to take a trip to an English speaking country and try to get around with what you know. You will quickly learn the basics and get a feel for the culture while improving your knowledge by talking to the natives.

Go to the theater to an English spoken play. This method can work particularly well if you already know what the play is about and as actors have clear voices and perfect diction you will certainly walk away with some new . Choose a classic, but try to stay away from older works that use a theatrical or archaic form of the language. There will be time for that once you mastered the language.

Another pleasurable way of improving your English skills is to play video games. This is entertaining and depending on how complex the story of your chosen game is can be quite challenging and offer a lot of new aspects of the language to look up and get accustomed to.

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