Everyone is busy. It sounds like a truism, however, it is one of the most often met problems for people who want to study a second language and end up failing. While people who have a comfortable financial situation or are simply pursuing second language acquisition as a hobby aren’t forced to make many schedule related sacrifices most English learners find it rather hard to combine their already overbearing schedule with the extra time needed for learning a new language.

If you find yourself in the latter category, the one that has a hard time making time then you might find the following list of tips ideal for your needs.

Dead Time Needs To Be Reused

If you are unsure what dead time is then you will love this advice. Dead time represents any wasted period of time that you have between your daily activities. It most often can be identified with commute time, or time spent on public transportation units, however, it can be anything from waiting in line to cooking. Make sure you find an efficient way to practice or learn during these small pockets of time. In no time at all you will find that you can devote an hour or maybe more to learning each day, without having to change your schedule.

Diversify Your Learning Tools

Make sure you don’t stick to only one way of learning. While attending class and doing homework is a time tested way of learning the English language it is also extremely time-consuming. To make better use of your time adapt your learning techniques to your schedule. If you’re going to be driving for a long time or if you are going to have to go on a plane trip make sure you get an audio course. This will help you continue learning in time that would otherwise be wasted. You might also find that learning through audio means might suit you better than the conventional writing, memorizing and repeating method.

Find English Speakers And Spend Time With Them

Try to find other English students, fluent English speakers or even native speakers and try to fit time for them into your busy schedule. Spending time with them can mean anything. From having lunch together during a break at work to going out for a drink or two on weekends to going to each other’s houses to watch movies. Whatever it is just make sure you talk in English as much as possible and if the person is a native speaker or a better speaker than you make sure you ask for feedback or learning advice.

If Nothing Else Works Adjust Your Sleeping

In case nothing else works and you still need more time to learn and practice then you should definitely reconsider your sleeping schedule. If you want some extra time then simply take it out of your sleeping schedule. Most people sleep more than they should anyway so you probably can pinch half an hour before bed and half an hour when you wake up to dedicate to your English learning studies. However you choose to do it just make sure you don’t go overboard and end up sleeping way too little to actually retain what you’re learning. Moderation is the key.

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