For the past few years, colleges and universities that offer nursing curriculum have been feasted upon by millions of young Filipinos—majority of them picked the course because they want to be an Overseas Filipino Workers. Well, no one can blame them because there are a lot of foreign companies and employers who are willing to pay generous money just to have the services they needed. Not to mention the experience of working in a foreign land far from the miserable situation they are in.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is being abused by some perpetrators. As a matter of fact, they had already conquered the World Wide Web.

For overseas applicants, sometimes it’s easier for them to go and apply online—less effort, less fund disbursement. But sorry to tell, we are not sure about some employment site nowadays; especially web pages that offer heaven to Filipino Nurses. Most of their victims are nurses because of their bulk numbers here in our country.

Today, many of the malevolent online guys offer and promise nursing jobs in the United Kingdom. For nursing graduate, this is very tempting because earning Euros is a very big deal in the Philippines. How do they operate?

Here’s how: a phony employer posting as a lawyer will send emails successively to your online address. The letter contains a job offer. To make it more attractive and corporate-like, a Contract of Agreement, a certificate of employment and a blank certificate of good moral character will also be sent (looks authentic, right?). Then they will show an ample list of quasi-perfect wages and benefits. With all these, who will suggest that this offer isn’t real? After this, the lawyer-slash-perpetrator will ask for requirements; once the victim sends the required documents, the former will send a file which explains how the victim will pay. This is easy for them because it will be through wire transfer. Because of the alluring email, the victim will be forced to send money and “boom”—he or she is already fooled.

Take note, though, that this should not discourage aspiring applicants from using the web in their job search. On the contrary, most of the best job listings are found online, just be sure to verify the companies, agencies, and entities you apply for. There are agencies, local and foreign, who can answer your questions regarding the authenticity of job offers.

So if you are a nursing graduate and you desire to work abroad, please make sure that everything is authentic and real. Don’t be fooled by your senses: working there is fantastic but being a victim of a syndicate is not.

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