The Famous Five is a great series and it is started by a great book, Five on a Treasure Island. This book is definitely a introductory story, telling of a little bit of their lives before the five knew each other.

George (Georgina) is a rather rude, ill-tempered girl before she met her cousins, and she is the only child of Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny.
Julian, Dick and Anne are, on the other hand, quite nice children.

The story begins when Julian, Dick and Anne find out that, instead of to their usual holiday at Polzeath, they will be going to Kirrin Bay where their Aunt and Uncle live, with Georgina.

Georgina, (who will only answer to George) being an only child, takes to disliking her cousins who want nothing more than to be her friends!
George has her own island in the middle of the bay and she doesn’t let anyone else on it!
Will the others be able to convince her to be their friends?
Read this book for yourself and find out!
To tell any more would give the story away, but I will tell you one thing, they have the most exciting adventure!

Five go to Smuggler’s Top

Five go to Smuggler’s Top is the fourth amazing book in the Famous Five series, written by Enid Blyton.

The Kirin’s house has had a large tree fall on the roof and so they are going to stay with the Lenoir’s who live at a place called smuggler’s top!

Mr. Lenoir is a scientist who is working on the same things as Mr. Kirrin and is delighted to have the children till the end of the holidays.

The only condition is that Mr. Lenoir hates dogs so Timmy is not allowed!

The five leave in a cab the next day (as their rooms are non-existent) and they are on the way to Smuggler’s Top!
George is an ever resourceful girl and she has arranged for Timmy to be picked up on the way, after they are safely out of sight of the house!

I won’t say what happens at Smuggler’s top but I will say it is exciting!