To live and grow as a businessman , you must have a solid confidence everyday ! You have to juggle the external limits, your own doubts and at the same time make all key decisions. Because you will sell, trade ,transmit your passion and motivate your team.


When you are dealing with a difficult situation in the business environment , in those moments, a good self-esteem is needed , you should develop initiatives (prospecting, partnerships …) without focusing on your negative thoughts. So how to self development in the right way and apply it to the business environment seems to be the question we ask ourself.

Break down your thought process

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Thoughts are, by definition, completely subjective and different from one individual to another. But even your own thoughts can get out of control : they will be the echo of your unexperience and your unconscious to reach some kind of a spiral of negative thoughts.

For example, Let’s think you have just started your own product and you want to sell it over the phone . You start prospecting over the phone to try to get your first meeting and the results of your first call is disastrous because your lack of experience, you have difficulties in crossing the barrier of the secretaries or whatever other reason … By late afternoon, you have ended up getting an interview with one of your prospects.
Instead of being happy with this first victory, the first thought comes up.

“Pfff … An entire afternoon spent on the phone for a single meeting, I don’t know why it was too complicated”
Immediately, other negative thoughts attack you , but this time darker:
“Maybe I’m not really good at it”
Followed by : “My products is unsuitable, or I’m not selling them. At this rate, my business will not survive, maybe I was wrong to get into this adventure, I’m probably going to give up … ”
And finally :
“But what I will do during this interview? I have just created my first “box” , no one is interested, I’ll be ridiculous if this prospect asks me traps questions … ”

While these thoughts are baseless, they will generate negative emotions and feelings that are lowering your morale, motivation, and confidence that you can have in yourself. It is therefore essential to practice little by little each day to identify the psychological process.

Turn negative thinking into realistic idea .

In the previous example, when you say: “Pfff … An entire afternoon spent on the phone for a single meeting, I don’t know why it was too complicated”, you can change your thoughts in a constructive way with two easy steps:

1) Qualify the situation
This is not the first time you’re faced with a difficult situation in your personal business life and in your life .You have had toughest challenges . In fact, you should think that this is just the first date .

2) Consider an action plan
Check out websites, blogs and forums for entrepreneurs , you will discover ways to get your contact directly ….
Prepare thoroughly your meeting!
You can also use this method to resolve conflicts with customers and to optimize your management by identifying those who let themselves be overwhelmed by their own negative thought processes.

To achieve this, you do not need to go into great ideas that could stop your work day! Just take a notebook, and a quarter of an hour daily to dedicate to the improvement of your self-esteem. You should take a look at the 3 key elements of your thoughts :

  • The fact
  • Negative thinking
  • Realistic Idea .

You will quickly improve your business confidence and self-esteem .

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